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If you want to lead a healthy life then having a healthy balanced diet is the most important step which you need to take. If you want to lead a life which is full and filled with activity then you have to have this diet. Diet basically meals a plan for eating or the amount of food which a person consumes either in a day or in a week.

You will find that if your diet is very balanced and nutritious you will lead a very healthy and long life. A balanced diet basically means that you have to have the correct amount of food and this has to be from all of the seven food groups.

First of all you in increase the expectancy of your life. This is because you will be keeping your body as well as your heart very healthy. Then it also helps you to prevent any sort of long term illnesses or any illness which is chronic.

Finally if you want to have a good body weight then your diet needs to be healthy. A healthy diet will help you to maintain the correct weight. There are broadly seven fog groups which you need to consume on a daily basis.