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What is the best treatment for people who suffer from receding gums tooth sensitivity and/or gum? In periodontal disease treatments aim to stop bone destruction and solve gingival inflammation and infection. It must be performed by a specialist periodontist in consultation and depend on the severity of the disease. Here are some tips to help you gum disease receding gums treatment dental sensitivity.

Hormonal changes related to puberty may increase the risk of developing the periodontal disease in adolescents. During puberty, increases in the level of sex hormones, such as progesterone and possibly estrogen, cause an increase in blood circulation in the gums. This can cause an increase in the sensitivity of the gums and a stronger reaction to any irritation, including food particles and plaque. During this time, the gums may become inflamed, red, and sore.

treat sensitive teeth

    • Use soft brush without special
    • Specific toothpaste for gum inflammation.
    • Interdental brushes, where the specialist will indicate appropriate for each patient.
    • Use mouthwashes based on chlorhexidine. It is important to note that the mouthwash do not replace brushing, it is only a supplement.
    • Avoid using dental floss; it can be more traumatic to the gums, increasing inflammation and gingival bleeding, which usually involves a greater accumulation of plaque, the product of a less efficient brushing for fear of bleeding.
    • A slightly acidic diet will also help you with sensitivity.
    • Do not brush too hard or more often than your dentist recommends.
    • Avoid teeth grinding or tighten during the day. Use plane relaxation if there bruxism.
    • Visit your dentist regularly for professional dental cleaning and early diagnosis of any alteration in teeth and gums.


Gum Disease Receding Gums Treatment

Use NaturesSmile herbal gel, specially formulated to return hypersensitive teeth and provide extra protection against tooth decay. These treatments can be used at home, during brushing. Apply NaturesSmile herbal gel directly on your gums after brushing your teeth. A regular use of NS gum balm for some weeks stop gum disease and regrow receding gums naturally. It has no side effects.

Receding gum line treatment for tooth sensitivity is not definitive and mostly depends on the ability and record the patient to control and maintain daily care of the gums.

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